Friday, July 29, 2011

Shopping Cart back online

If you've recently tried to purchase a video or download a free video, the shopping cart was down for maintenance and is now up and running again.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Google Plus

Do we need another Social Media site?

It does have some very interesting features.  I think the one that strikes me most is how you have the capability to compartmentalized your contacts into specific circles.  If you want to send pictures to your family, your business contacts don't see them.  If you have connections who's posts inspire you, you have the ability to look at just their posts, and not every post of every contact you have.  Because you know we all know someone who tends to be a bit dramatic and posts every little "upset" in their lives.  We still love them, but now we don't have to be swept up in their daily drama.  I like it!

The Bottom Line Bookkeeping on Google Plus

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What to expect when contracting an independant bookkeeper...

When you contract the services of an independent bookkeeping professional you should expect this person to have a college education in accounting and have an expert understanding of the accounting software you are using.  The bookkeeper will behave in a professional manner and offer advise and referrals to other professionals who have expertise in areas such as income tax, insurance, and legal issues.  If you find you've contracted someone who's advice extends beyond bookkeeping, that should be your first "red flag".  While a good professional bookkeeper may have experience in other areas of business concern, that does not make them expert in those areas.

The independent bookkeeper is not an employee.  While we strive to schedule appointments allowing for sufficient time for each project, there are times when our clients have concerns that keep us longer than anticipated.  If your appointment is for a partial day, be aware that schedules are subject to change.  Expect to receive a phone call from your professional bookkeeper with an estimated time of arrival before your scheduled appointment.  Most often they will arrive when anticipated, but on occasion will run early or later.

Expect your professional bookkeeper to dress appropriately for the surroundings.  If your office is in a professional setting, expect professional attire.  If your office or work space is in an automotive repair facility, or if your office is in your home and you are more comfortable with casual dress, then you can expect this.  Pets are a welcome addition to any work area, but can bring challenges with professional attire.

Cell phones are vital to business today, but while the bookkeeper is in your office they should not be taking cell phone calls.  They most often do not answer your company phone either.  If they are in plain view of your customers, expect them to treat your customers with quality customer service directing them to another individual in your company who can assist them.

Above all, expect the professional bookkeeper to be accurate and organized.  You need to know your account balances, total receivables, payables and cash flow.  Your payroll taxes must be paid on time and your bookkeeping reviewed by your tax accountant at least twice a year.  Once in the fall and again when the income taxes are prepared.  Your tax accountant will be able to refer you to a competent bookkeeper they trust to do a good job for you at a fair price.

Depending upon the difficulty of your work, or the geographical location expect to pay $35.00 - $75.00 per hour for a professional independent bookkeeper.