Monday, November 12, 2012

QuickBooks and Windows 8

Please don't be an early adopter of technology!

QuickBooks and Windows 8 don't play well together. If you must, because you cannot stand the suspense, please install Windows 8 on a machine you aren't going to have to rely upon for your business.

I received my first phone call today from a neighbor who did just that, now she's unable to e-mail invoices to her customers. I asked her who recommended that she upgrade, but no one did, she decided to try this on her own. At the end of our conversation she said she would go back to Windows 7.

Always consult with professionals before major updates in operating system on your main production software, and that means QuickBooks 2013. There are those of us who enjoy picking apart new releases to see how many bugs we can find. Don't be an unwilling beta tester of new software releases, stick with what you know until all the bugs are worked out.

This is a site that I trust, with a reliable and knowledgeable author. I hope you find this enlightening.

Charlie's Rants - QuickBooks and Windows 8