Thursday, April 5, 2012


Because some small businesses no longer need employees, this means they no longer need to upgrade QuickBooks every 3 years to keep current with the payroll tax tables. If they don't need to upgrade their software, then their computers don't need upgraded just yet either. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Not a bad philosophy.

Ah.. but now here's the challenge. I have clients using QuickBooks versions from 2004 through 2012. I have to upgrade my computers to run the new version, and we can no longer buy WinXP Licenses, so I'm using Windows 7 now. But wait... QuickBooks 2007 and earlier only runs on WinXP, not on Win7.

So, Microsoft created a way to run a Virtual WinXP desktop within your Win7 operating system. Now all we need to do is to install the older software in the "Virtual" environment and Ta-Da! We can run old software on old operating systems on new computers.

That is... until you try to print anything from the old software.

Is it any wonder I'm back in college to earn a degree in Computer Information Technology? We never stop learning, and if anything the older we are the faster we need to learn.

And you thought bookkeeping was only about showing you your checkbook balance. ;)