Friday, December 5, 2014

Beware Chemical Bank Bill Pay Policies!

Deliver By and Send On dates!

Old Northwest Bank customers were spoiled with their progressive adaptation of banking technologies. I loved the bill pay service that NW Bank offered. You simply setup your payees and told the bank how much and when to send a paper check in the mail. The funds cleared when your payee actually cashed the check.

Now Chemical Bank takes the funds out of your account on the "send on date" that the transaction is processed. Say they need a week to process a check. This means the funds are withdrawn from your account the day they process, "send on date", not the day the check mailed, "deliver by date" or is cashed by your payee. This can result in overdrafts. Chemical bank is holding your money hostage and messing with your cash flow!

Chemical bank also only allows transaction downloads from their ePersonal accounts in Quicken format. All of my accounts, business and personal, were converted to ePersonal and I had to go through a big deal to fill out a form to have my business account converted to eBusiness so that I could download my transactions in QuickBooks Web Connect format. I've spoken to them about this, they don't seem to understand that Quicken and QuickBooks are two different programs.

I brought NW Bank a lot of customers (my clients), and now we will be shopping for a new bank.