Saturday, April 19, 2014

QuickBooks Online App Warning

An App You Use with QuickBooks Needs To Be Updated!

I've long felt that it's dangerous to base your software on the "shoulders" of another, yet that's the common practice in so many Add-on applications. You have no control over if/when the other company will be making a change that will "break" your application.

I've been advising my clients that QuickBooks Online is not yet ready for "Prime-Time", and I'm still not convinced that accounting "In the Cloud" is the safest thing to do with your financial data.

I'm still exploring options, but in the meantime, if you are still using QuickBooks 2011 AND processing payroll yourself, you have until May 31st. to upgrade the software. I'm happy to report that QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2014 will not require most businesses to upgrade their hardware this time. I believe we've finally tipped the scales where we can run our hardware until it wears out and aren't forced to upgrade hardware with our software every 3 years.