Thursday, February 15, 2024

Beware of overly aggressive Intuit sales people!

 It's mind boggling to me to see a company who's done so much in the past to help small businesses now getting greedy and hurting them by over-selling their expensive, clumsy online subscription called QuickBooks Online, or QBO for short.

Case #1  I've seen them selling full service payroll to clients who don't necessarily need payroll yet.  They sell them on their merchant services that gives them a link on their emailed invoices for their customers to pay.  What price are you willing to pay for convenience?  Actual case this season, a young man in his 20's purchased an existing lawn care business that came with a QuickBooks Desktop license and employees, however he only had a Mac.  Intuit sold him on the most expensive subscriptions of everything they offer.  In only 2 months he paid over $2,000 in various Intuit fees.  AND THEY NEVER REMITTED PAYROLL TAXES!  That young man came to me for help, he purchased a PC so he could run QuickBooks Desktop, I helped to convert the file.  Then we discovered they sold him the basic payroll tax table, not the enhanced version that comes with tax forms.  I was on the call with him when he called to upgrade the payroll subscription and the salesman was HARDBALL selling him on QBO again.  Despite our objections, he persisted and never did upgrade to enhanced version.  When the young man asked to be refunded for QBO, they refused and only offered to refund what he spend on QBDT if he came back to QBO.  He did and that's the last I saw of him.  I wish him well, but a salesman is NOT a bookkeeper/business coach to help teach him how to be a business owner.

Case #2 A woman came to me for help with QBO.  Again was victim of  an aggressive Intuit salesman.  They taught her how to create sales invoices and how to link to her bank to download transactions but not how link deposits to sales invoices.  So in only 2 months her taxable income was doubled by $17,000.  She was also using a lot of cash apps and I explained to her that in order for us to record income and expenses correctly, we would have to look at the cash app statements, an extra step for bookkeeping.  I explained to her how easy it is to print checks but she wasn't interested.  I call this spending dollars (bookkeeping time) to save pennies (postage).

Intuit will discontinue selling new QuickBooks Desktop licenses as of 7/31/2024.  They will continue to support existing customers with security updates.  If you prefer to use the desktop solution, IMHO the "Cadillac" of small business bookkeeping, you can but you can only get it by calling this number.


Before deciding, please consult with your accounting or tax professional, don't rely solely on Intuit sales people to tell you what you need or teach you how to use it.  

Here at The Bottom Line Bookkeeping & Consulting we do work with all versions of QuickBooks to find the solution that best serves your needs.  Use this link Schedule an appointment with a bookkeeping professional with over 30 years experience.