Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Is Intuit starving the hand that feeds it?

I cannot tell you how beyond irritated I am right now with Intuit and QuickBooks. They routinely over-sell products that are beyond what a small start-up company needs and make it nearly impossible for them to purchase the QBDT Pro. They try instead to sell them the Enterprise Solution for Desktop which will run over $3k/yr.

I just got off the phone with a new startup who was talked into buying the most expensive QBO product with full payroll and the data is so screwed up I don't think even the most proficient QBO accountant can fix what's happening. He's spend over $2k in three months on QBO, when the QBDT Pro should be $549/yr., and enhanced payroll $649/yr.

SaaS = Software as a Subscription is the model most software companies are using, why... greed! Not everyone has stable broadband internet, it's coming, but it's not here yet. Even with a great connection the software is lagging, you must use it in a browser and continually wait for the screen to refresh. It requires a lot of mouse clicks rather than faster keyboard strokes.

Mac users are screwed, parallels that allows Mac to run PC software doesn't work any longer, so Mac users must either use QBO or buy a PC. I actually had a new client this year who didn't own a computer at all and was under the impression he could do everything he needed from the QBO phone app! Shame on Intuit! Can you imagine, phones break and get lost all the time and if that's your only recourse for small business accounting, you're in big trouble!

I am so tempted to revert new start ups back to using a spreadsheet!