Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When it looks fishy, it probably is phishing... for your info!

A long-time client of mine sent me an e-mail yesterday asking me if she needed to to this. She received an e-mail, in the body of the e-mail was this message:

"You will not be able to access your Intuit QuickBooks without updated Intuit Security Tool (IST™) after 31th of August, 2012.

You can update Intuit Security Tool here.

After a successful download please run the setup for an automatic installation, then login to Intuit Quickbooks online to check that it is working properly."

As long as you have your QuickBooks set to Auto Update, you have all the security updates that you need. Intuit will never contact you like this asking you to click on a link.

If you're ever unsure of any link sent to you in any e-mail, hover your pointer over the link, in a moment it will display the web address of the link it's taking you to. In this case it was not Intuit.

I'm so glad she asked! You can never be too careful!

Monday, August 6, 2012

QuickBooks, IE9 and Online Banking...

More time wasting conflicts today...

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9(IE9)is the default browser when you use QuickBooks online banking features. IE9 may conflict with your bank's export of your QuickBooks transaction file.

If this happens you to, log off of your online banking within QuickBooks. Choose another browser to access your bank's web site. Today I used Google Chrome successfully. Download your transactions as your normally would. Install by clicking on the downloaded file, or save the file and use Banking > Online Banking > Import Web Connect File. Then proceed to review transactions as you always do.