Thursday, February 16, 2012

State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (SUTA)

Seems they've been having some computer issues. People are receiving letters telling them that they owe for their last quarter unemployment taxes, this letter also includes interest and penalties.

What I've advised my clients to do is to go online and print a copy front and back of the tax payment check that cleared. Then call the state offices at the telephone number on the notice. They will make the correction in the system.

You can also print an extra copy of the cancelled check and mail that with the notice.

This is one way to help keep the US Postal service in the state of Michigan supported. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Speaking Engagements

Today I'm proud to once again be speaking at NMC' Extended Education called FastTrac, New Venture Program for entrepreneures.

"Michigan’s FastTrac, New Venture® program for
entrepreneurs is offered in an intensive 10-week, 30-
hour “boot camp” format. This 90-minute orientation
is required for participation and provides details
about this reduced-tuition program for those in
the early stages of business development. It is cosponsored
by the Michigan Small Business and
Technology Development Centers (MI-SBTDC) and
the Michigan Economic Development Corporation

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