Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's old is new again!

I'm so excited! I get to keep using my Palm Pilot! Through the advancements of new technology, I can continue to use my old technology. You see, I needed to upgrade my computer so I could run the newest release of QuickBooks 2012. My oldest machine in operation is 12 years old, and while it's been maintained and upgraded over the years, it's finally met it's limits. I love my new machine. My son custom builds and maintains all of my technology. This one is running a 6 core 3.3 GHz processor with 8 GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive (insert Tim's Allen's grunts here). The new machine also has Windows 7, and while most of my software runs just fine on Window's 7, my beloved Palm Plot does not.

Now, along comes this new thing called a Virtual Machine. Once this is installed you can install whatever operating system you want INSIDE of the main operating system. So, naturally I installed WinXP so I could use my old Palm Pilot. This afternoon I just ran my first sync and everything came through! Well, most everything, all the really important stuff loaded. Now I just have to spend a little time with the customizations that I like.

If you're like me and have technology that you rely on and want to keep using, give my son a call. Impact Technologies @ and ask for Brad.